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Saved by Science:
Wearable Tech Delivers Fewer Injuries, Increased Efficiency

Wearable technology has emerged as a game-changer in the workplace. Tech gadgets such as smartwatches, smart glasses, and fitness trackers are transforming the way we work by improving worker safety.

Wearable devices can monitor employee movements, alert co-workers of danger, as well as measure fatigue, body temperature, and repetitive motion. The data compiled by wearables can assist in health management and be leveraged to improve employee training and ergonomics for workplace wellness and injury prevention programs.

How Wearables Can Solve Your Workplace Safety Challenges
Wearable technology is solving a variety of problems in the industrial workplace. For instance, wearables are addressing safety concerns by providing workers with realtime data about potential hazards and safety violations.

This can help prevent injuries, lost work time, and workers' compensation claims. Biometric monitors can measure workers’ vital signs such as heart rate variability and breathing volume and detect sleepiness using smart glasses. GPS and Bluetooth can be used to track the location of workers and equipment on a worksite. Amazon utilized this type of data to reduce musculoskeletal injuries from repetitive motion by 32 percent.

In the construction industry, smart helmets with vibration sensors can alert employees of potentially dangerous changes in their surroundings. High-tech vests with sensors can also alert construction employees when they are near a hazardous area.

Manufacturing operations can deploy wearable technology that senses when employees are near heavy machinery and alerts equipment operators of other workers. Proximity sensors could save 87 individuals killed every year by forklift collisions.

Wearables improve operational efficiency by providing workers with instant access to important information, automating tasks, and optimizing processes. This data can also help companies monitor employee performance, track equipment status and location, and enhance worker training and development. UPS and FedEx loaders and unloaders employ handheld scanners and monitors that track all packages on and off trucks in the facility. Operation supervisors can instantly measure individual performance and shift resources before they fall behind.

Great Potential for Worksite Improvements
There are many advantages to deploying wearable technologies that range from the jobsite to the boardroom. Here are 3 benefits of using wearable technology in the workplace: Full story »


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Survey Finds Overwhelming Support for Safe System Approach to Roadway Safety

FSM Staff | 05.17.24

WASHINGTON, DC -- New survey findings released today by the National Safety Council show it’s not just the U.S. Department of Transportation and traffic safety advocates that support a Safe System Approach to roadway safety – the public does too. 

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Blackline Safety Expands in Utility Sector with New $1.5 Million Deal

FSM Staff | 05.17.24

CALGARY, CA -- Blackline Safety Corp., connected safety technology provider, has announced that it has signed a new contract to provide G7c devices and services to a major U.S. utility provider based in California.

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MSHA to hold 2nd annual ‘Stand Down to Save Lives’ on May 22

FSM Staff | 05.16.24

WASHINGTON – The Department of Labor announced its Mine Safety and Health Administration will hold its second annual ‘Stand Down to Save Lives’ on May 22, as part of a national campaign to encourage the nation’s mining community to take steps to prevent fatalities and injuries.

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Workforce Drug Test Cheating Surged in 2023, Finds Testing Index Analysis

FSM Staff | 05.16.24

SECAUCUS, NJ -- The percentage of employees in the general U.S. workforce whose drug test showed signs of tampering increased by more than six-fold in 2023 versus the prior year, the highest rate ever in more than 30 years of annual reporting. This finding is part of a new analysis of nearly 9.8 million workforce drug tests released by Quest Diagnostics, provider of diagnostic information services.

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Grupo EULEN USA Prioritizes Employee Health and Wellbeing at Event

FSM Staff | 05.15.24

MIAMI, FL -- Grupo EULEN USA, provider of aviation services, proudly announced its participation in an exclusive hydration event hosted by American Airlines.

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